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We develop beautiful web apps and hybrid mobile apps that meet the latest tech trends. Whether it's an idea to be built from scratch or existing software that needs maintenance or improvement, we identify every client's individual needs and construct a tailor-made solution.

Our multidimensional approach and thinking outside the box let us built forward-thinking apps that stay in the game on the competitive online business market. A dedicated dev team, lead by a Project Manager, adjust to our clients' processes and smoothly blend into their team. Your goals are our objectives.

Expand your dev team by our top-notch developers.

Need more development capacity immediately? We understand you perfectly! Partnering up with an external agency is often the most beneficial and effective way to keep up with maintaining and expanding your app. It saves a lot of time that you’d have to spend on recruiting and gives you access to a larger talent pool. Let’s have a trial period and see for yourself how easily our developers integrate into your company. No strings attached! If you don’t have fun working with us, you can resign on the spot.

We develop web apps and hybrid mobile apps from scratch.

If you have a cracking idea for an app and need a dev team to make it come to life, you've come to the right place! We always start with a free business and tech consulting to make sure your concept is as innovative as it gets and has a great chance to succeed. If you don’t have any techies in your team, it’s no problem. We are happy to help you write out a specification of the system, estimate the cost and decide what features to start from to be able to release your product on the market as soon as possible and let it start making money.

Let us upgrade your existing app to the latest tech standards.

At the moment user expectations and software environments are changing at a faster pace than ever. To stay in the game you need to keep up. Modernization and optimization is every online business’s bread and butter. We are happy to take over your project after another dev team, take a fresh look at it and propose what to do to make it even better. We can also take care of upgrading your app to the newest version of the language it is written in, while your core dev team is too busy developing new functionalities of your product.

We master the art of programming technologies


That’s how we roll

We are agile and have an iterative approach to building software. We divide all the work into sprints allowing us to keep making sure we’re heading the right direction every step of the way. We believe transparency is the only way to collaborate. Our clients get unlimited access to all our communication and project management tools to always have insight into what’s going on.



Tell us what you want and we’ll tell you how to build it. If you have a technical specification of your app, we’ll assess it, advise how to approach it to make it as innovative as it gets and estimate the cost and the duration of its development. If you don’t have one, we will be happy to write one up with you and plan out all the work.



As soon as we agree to collaborate, we assign a dedicated Project Manager to your company who oversees all the processes and becomes your single point of contact. He’s available to you at all times on Slack, Google Meet, Skype, Email and on the phone. You also get access to our Jira to stay up-to-date with what is currently being done and how long it is taking. If you already use other collaboration tools, we are happy to switch to them.



Whether we become your core dev team or our developers act as an extension to your in-house tech department, we are always proactive, propose the most forward-thinking solutions and put maximum effort into what we do. We have broad experience in building projects for various industries and companies worldwide and are well aware of all the latest programming, security and UX standards.



We ensure that our code is bug-free through both automated and manual testing. We believe that thorough quality assurance is crucial not to put your reputation at risk, especially when you're releasing a new product on the market and building your users trust.



Iteration is a crucial matter of our software development methodology. After every sprint, we do code review and evaluate if everything has been done the best way possible and exactly complies with the client’s vision.



We realise how crucial your software is for your business, that’s why we provide a 6-month warranty on every line of code written by our developers. During that period, in case of any problems, they will be fixed immediately for free.

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