Idaho, USA


About the project

Stukent is a digital courseware provider focused on improved education through up‑to‑date textbooks, real‑world simulations and other instructional resources to help educators teach students digital marketing in a very practical way.


What we worked on

  • We are involved in expanding the interface and developing two applications of Stukent's complex system that consists of digital marketing simulator, digital library and a webinar app.
  • We implemented new functionalities such as configuring authentications, building a mechanism for uploading and downloading files, implementing Videogular to view video files and authorization using the JWT.
  • One of our tasks was upgrading Rails, ActiveAdmin, Node, React, Redux and other dependencies to the latest available versions.
Mike Farmer

The Masters provided their developing expertise to accelerate the development of new projects using a React application built using Ruby on Rails. They provided both development and project management support. They have extensive expertise on hand to solve any issue and communicate fluidly to ensure all needs are met.

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