Wroclaw, Poland


About the project

SmartLunch is aprovider of a system for ordering diverse meals for employees of large workplaces through touch‑screen kiosks installed at the site as well as via a web app. It comes with a dedicated accounting software that allows corporations to easily claim it as an allowable expense making it a very cost and time effective benefit.

What we worked on

  • When we took over the development of SmartLunch, it was a small app that allowed office employees to order meals from a restaurant located within the same building.
  • We’ve developed the entire new system that consists of a web app integrated with touch‑screen kiosk software. It’s been introduced into over 50 large workplaces all over the country.
  • It allows managing the whole meal ordering process including employees selecting dished from a wide range of cuisines, complying employer financing allowance, generating invoices, monitoring partnerships with restaurants, processing payments etc.
Mateusz Tałpasz

The Masters have done a great job expanding our system and bringing it to the form of a successful countrywide solution it is today. They were our core dev team for nearly 3 years in the most crucial period of our company entering the market. Then they passed it on to our in‑house developers in a very smooth and efficient way, thanks to their effective communication, clean code and precisely written documentation.

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