Edinburgh - worth visiting fastest growing tech hub


Edinburgh - worth visiting fastest growing tech hub

We always follow the latest trends and news from the IT industry. Looking for inspiration, a few weeks ago I stumbled upon an article about the best cities in the world for tech innovations and businesses.

Home to one of the top coding science institutes in the world, the sixth oldest university on Earth and huge government-backed support for growing businesses - everything based in the beautiful city, home of two unicorn start-ups. And I’m happy to be going there next week!

We always follow the latest trends and news from the IT industry. Looking for inspiration, a few weeks ago I stumbled upon an article about the best cities in the world for tech innovations and businesses.

After our recent trip to London, I wanted to take a look at other places in the UK. My attention was particularly drawn to Edinburgh, the so-called fastest-growing tech hub in 2017.

In today’s world, it’s far too easy to communicate without formally meeting in an era where Slack and video conferencing are ubiquitous. Of course, there are many cases where meetings are not crutial, but I believe a personal approach is always appreciated and cannot be underestimated.

Fastest-growing tech hub in 2017

We hear plenty about Silicon Valley being a great place to do business or London as the biggest tech hub in Europe. But this time, another city caught my attention - a city with a huge potential that seems to be, as yet, untapped.

According to a Stack Overflow report, a leading global developer community,  Edinburgh was the UK’s fastest growing tech hub in 2017. Edinburgh’s developer population is growing each month, bringing the dev community total to nearly 20k in the second half of 2017. That means there are more than 7 devs per 100 people on the labor market! 

The Scottish tech scene is very promising for the IT industry, especially in the European start-up scene. The attractiveness of Edinburgh, with its three universities and supply of graduates, is obvious to start-ups. But the capital’s more traditional charms also help its standing within the European tech business world.

Historical attractions and neighbouring beautiful landscapes can help attract cutting-edge start-ups to the city in a very competitive market. Edinburgh gives IT specialists the opportunity to live in one of Northern Europe’s most alluring cities the feeling of being in a capital, with bags of culture. On the other hand it's a chance to mountain bike within minutes from the office, hike in the Pentlands or surf down in East Lothian. And… you can even cycle across the entire city in about an hour.

Perfect spot to become an IT master

Moreover, thanks to the local centre of learning, young talents are easy to source. The university of Edinburgh is ranked #14 in the 2018 Times Higher Education World Computer Science subject ranking. A couple of years ago, Edinburgh School of Informatics was in the top-ten of computing science schools worldwide. This goes some way to explaining the prominence of data and computer science in the city.

The intellectual background of this ancient university city is complimented by government-backed schemes, such as - TechCube. It's an incubator programme, which provides office space, networking opportunities and support to promising IT companies.

Edinburgh - it’s always nice to do business with you

The Masters is based in Wroclaw, a city known as the Polish tech hub, the capital of innovative start-ups and software agencies. And, not without good reason, we also pay attention to other cities in Europe that show a huge potential and fast development of the IT industry. Therefore, especially when we look at the summary of 2017, Edinburgh is one of those places that stands out among other European cities.

We enviously look at other cities like Edinburgh or Glasgow which power growth and innovation in technology.

Edinburgh’s tech sector has gone from strength to strength in recent years, mainly thanks to the success of companies such as Skyscanner and FanDuel, a web-based fantasy sports game with 6 million registered users. These Scottish tech success stories are really impressive and confirm that this city has a unique atmosphere for growing businesses. Over the past few years, Edinburgh has made a great name for itself on the global stage and that’s why I decided to visit Scotland's capital.

Another reason why I decided on Edinburgh? I’ve heard a lot about the respectful approach and professionalism being one of the key features of companies from Scotland. We are professional, and we are thrilled to work with companies with the same approach . Want to meet us in Edinburgh? Let’s schedule a meeting!

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