Why Flutter has become the best choice to develop a startup mobile app?


Why Flutter has become the best choice to develop a startup mobile app?

The popularity of Flutter, introduced by Google in 2017, continues to grow rapidly!

In the past, multi-platform mobile app’s development involved the creation of several versions of a codebase. Nowadays, thanks to cross-platform tools, you can design an application with a single codebase that works on both iOS and Android platforms. Flutter is a leading toolkit in this field, and for a good reason! Stay with us and get to know the advantages of Flutter, the best software for startups.

Developers from all over the world begin to choose cross-platform tools as this is a great way to achieve the highest efficiency. And in what way, exactly? This solution is less expensive and less time consuming, which is enough to consider using this type of software. Currently, Flutter is the most appreciated toolkit in the field of cross-platform software for mobile app, web and the desktop. The fact that it’s created by Google, the world's largest programming specialist, surely speaks for its favour. However, this is not an empty rhetoric however, because Flutter proves in any aspect to be the best SDK (Software Development Kit) available on the market, especially as software for startups. 

What is Flutter app development?

Flutter mobile app development

Introduced in 2017 by Google, Flutter is an open source SDK that allows creating cross-platform software. To put it in simple words, it means that only a few modifications are needed for a single codebase to work on different operating systems. How does it work exactly? Developers need to create only one codebase that after minor modification corresponds well with any mobile operating system. It’s revolutionary in the field of cost and time efficiency, but not only that. Flutter is created by the world’s largest software authority and has gained trust because of its fast development and intuitive tools. Such large companies as eBay, Alibaba and of course Google are already using Flutter as their cross platform app development. And it is surely a big deal!


Benefits of mobile app development in Flutter 

At The Masters we always strive to follow the latest trends and to provide our clients with top solutions. Formerly we used to design cross-platform apps with IONIC and React Native. However, recently we noticed that Flutter can simply do it better and decided to explore and master this technology. One of the biggest advantages over the competition is the fact that Flutter gives access to very useful and intuitive tools, such as creating a keystore or “hot reload” which enables you to see applied changes almost immediately. It’s also designed to reflect the same UI in all types of platforms.

While working on an Android platform-based app, it is possible to benefit from many improvements that significantly shorten building time, such as an access to custom animated UI and possibility to follow popular architectures (e.g. MVP or MVI). Developers working on iOS software won’t be disappointed either. Flutter offers access to easy equivalents corresponding to Apple’s platform, so that even experienced users don’t have to re-learn to build applications with the new SDK.

Last but not least, Flutter is easy to adapt for any programmer familiar with JavaScript, so the knowledge of Dart language is not a must at the beginning. Users appreciate its simplicity and intuitiveness, which makes the app’s building process exceptionally fast.


Why should you choose Flutter to build a cross platform app?

The popularity of the search for flutter based on Google trends

All the major advantages have been already mentioned, but there are specific conditions that speak in favour of using Flutter even more. First, if you plan to release your app for both Android and iOS, it is certainly worth considering Flutter. In this way, you get the codebase for both platforms at the same time. Not only that, but creating even one build is faster than most SKDs can offer. This reduces your time, costs and capacity of a programming team, which results in general increase of Time-To-Market speed.

In addition, Flutter is an excellent SDK for people who use material design, because it’s Google who introduced it in the first place. In such a case, using Flutter ensures highest possible compatibility when building the application. Flutter is also recommended for widget-based interface projects, so in fact any mobile app developer can profit on using this SDK.


Flutter vs React Native

Many developers believe that Flutter presents a higher value than its biggest competitor: React Native, a tool introduced by Facebook. And why is that?

Unlike RN, Flutter offers access to well-organized documentation, a good toolkit and an ever-growing community. The latter provides increased responsiveness of technical support in case of problems and the opportunity to exchange valuable experience with other developers. Flutter also offers support at every stage of development, including the choice of the app’s architecture and assembling your in-house team. In case you don’t want to hire people on your own, but lack the knowledge to choose the best company for your needs, there’s also no need to worry! Due to its extensive experience, Flutter is able to suggest the services of the most trusted software houses to help you build any app. For that reason, it’s considered an ideal tool for startup projects.

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