Top 5 communication tools for business


Top 5 communication tools for business

No professional software house or any other innovative business can go without a good communication tool.

No professional software house or any other innovative business can go without a good communication tool. At The Masters, on a daily basis we talk with our potential clients based all around the world or look after our partners that we support as a remote dev team. Our developers are in constant contact with the client’s in-house product team. We always say that communication is the key to success. That’s why we need a reliable tool to make sure we are always available and can smoothly communicate with each other.

When it comes to discussing important issues with our clients, we find video calls to be the most optimal way of communication. They allow face-to-face contact, and natural interpersonal interaction. The crucial thing we have to keep in mind is confidentiality and security of all the files shared and messages sent. There is a risk of instant messaging software to get attacked by hackers and the data to leak. It’s important to choose a dependable communicator for your company to every use day.

Here are a few communication tools that we find  really good for software agencies and other tech companies that allow video conference calls as well. Our list might help you choose one that meets your company’s needs.


This software launches meetings from various communication channels such as email and other messaging tools. It is easy to sign in, use and update profile details. The quality of audio, video, and screen sharing is very good. GoToMeeting is quick to initialize when joining a call, and that is perhaps one of its the most valuable features. The interface is clear and easy to navigate. It’s reliable for both joining an online meetings and hosting them.

One feature this software lacks is the ability to share files with the attendees of a call - it's not available even in the premium version. We've also noticed 2-3 second delay when taking over the keyboard and mouse from a user, but it happens only if you have poor internet connection. Nother thing it that, unfortunately, it does not work on Linux OS.


Zoom makes our online collaboration easy and convenient. It's a mobile-friendly video conferencing software with HD video and audio and has a dynamic voice detection feature. In our opinion, it's one of the best and most innovative apps for tech businesses. Features like screen sharing from mobile or desktop, private and group chats, document sharing and recording options work flawlessly.

This software offers some built-in security features to maintain the privacy of online collaboration (including SSL encryption) and provides admin and role-based access control.

Using the basic version of Zoom is free, but the duration of a call is restricted to forty minutes with no more than fifty participants. If you want more participants, the paid version allows the maximum of 500 participants.


UberConference offers a free plan for small businesses, as well as paid enterprise plans for advanced users. It is a cloud-based, visual studio conferencing system that allows the callers to see avatars of other participants for both mobile browsers and desktop. One thing to note about UberConference is that it is not a video conference tool.

Free plan allows calls with up to 10 participants, call recording, HD quality audio, mobile apps and screen and document sharing from Google Drive, Dropbox or Evernote. Whyt is it worth attention? This tool allows you to link your social media accounts such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Google+ with your UberConference account. Thanks to this feature other users can see information about others participants of the call. Therefore, you know more about the people you are in a blink of an eye. Or rather in a click of a button.

UberConference has an interesting list of features, but most of them reveal themselves with the premium plan. It includes all the free plan features and more: no audio advertising when joining, up to 100 participants, uploading custom hold music, adding guests to a call, a free number and team management portal.

#Meet from Google 

Meet is a business-oriented version of Google's Hangouts. Google Meet is another video conferencing app which lets G Suite users set up and join HD video meetings from a computer or a mobile device, or from a conference room. Very easy user interface with multiple ways to chat, talk and link up with your overseas business collaborators. The app also provides options to mute and turn off the video during the meeting, record video meeting and share your screen with  other participants. All conference calls scheduled with Google Calendar include a Meet video link.

Using Google Meet is a snap, but if your office has a weak WiFi, you could end up frustrated. To join a video meeting, you need a Chrome browser and no other, or the Meet mobile app (no G Suite account required).

However, deep integration with a wide range set of productivity tools might be the reason for over 3 million companies to have invested in Google’s apps. If you are already using most of the google products this is a great add on. For sure!

#Cisco WebEx

With the help of this web conferencing software, companies can create their own meeting rooms where several users can join through any video device. WebEx offers comprehensive, user-friendly tools for attending and scheduling meetings, along with powerful interactive capabilities and meeting reporting. Because of its huge set of features, mobile capability and more, we've selected it as one of the best conferencing services out there.

This web-based app is available for Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad and Mac. It also supports integrations with Github and Dropbox. There are markup tools and whiteboards available and can be useful especially for tech companies and IT firms. But watch out! The whiteboard function is very basic. It is only secured with a single sign on login with your enterprise network credentials.

Using Cisco WebEx you can share applications or your whole screen, record meetings (including video) or share the role the presenter.

Wrap up

There are lots of conference apps on the market, but in our team we have found that these 5 do a great job. We hope that our recommendations help you choose the right app for your company and make your communication with clients or partners smooth and effortless.

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