10 startups that own their success to Ruby on Rails

Check out the list of 10 worldwide big startups that entrusted this technology and succeeded massively!

Ruby on Rails, described as an excellent platform for developers, has earned recognition in the IT world through years of testing in battle. From the very beginning, as soon as it was introduced to the market, it has been utilized by many companies that have become the fastest-growing and largest startups in the world. Let's check why successful startups choose Ruby on Rails web development and how it helped them thrive.

Ruby on Rails is utilized especially in startups that develop a new product. Agile software and the ease and speed of creating Ruby on Rails apps allow you to shorten the time necessary to introduce a new product to the market. As a result, startups can develop and grow much faster. Although there are rumors that Ruby on Rails is already dead, large corporations and small startups alike are eager to use this framework. So, despite rumors, we can observe a constant Ruby on Rails application development. According to SimilarTech, almost 374,000 websites and over 205,000 unique domains utilize this technology. And that’s a good thing!

To prove our point, we are going to show you 10 globally renowned companies that willingly use this framework in their projects:


This is undoubtedly the most famous project that was built using Ruby on Rails. Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, indicated that he and his team of programmers decided to use this framework because it allows you to work quickly and introduce new features and changes in no time. Currently, however, Twitter, despite the fact that thanks to RoR they achieved success, gave it up in favor of Java[1]. This decision by no means indicates that RoR was a bad choice. In fact, at that time it was their best bet. Ruby on Rails offered the flexibility and movement speed that Twitter needed.


This global travel industry leader’s website is also related to Ruby on Rails, because it was this framework that was used to build AirBnb’s website. Among others, RoR was utilized in the integration of the payment system, for the preparation of email templates, and other crucial features.


Bloomberg is a leading news agency in finance and economic affairs. The website of this agency was also built on Ruby on Rails. Thanks to it, a very intuitive interface has been created, which allows users to easily use, for example, various tables and charts, movies, and web apps.


It’s a Canadian e-commerce platform that allows users to build their own online stores. It has gained popularity due to the fact that it offers a lot of customization options. A number of Shopify features have been built using Ruby on Rails, including order tracking and credit card payment.


Another well-known website, which was created using the Ruby on Rails framework, recently acquired by Microsoft. It needs no introduction to developers because most of them use it on a daily basis. In early 2020, GitHub had over 40 million users and more than 100 million repositories at their disposal. Ruby on Rails played a significant role in the development of Github–the platform's code repository is based on Ruby on Rails. The success of Github proves that RoR can successfully support fast-growing ventures with a huge number of users. 

Yellow Pages

That website was launched in 2012 and quickly gained popularity around the world. Yellow Pages is one of the largest sites on the Internet that allows you to find local business offers easily. And yes! This website has also been created using Ruby on Rails.


That’s the internet service that enables registered users to purchase local services, travel services, and products at discounted prices. The original version of Groupon was entirely based on Ruby on Rails. However, Groupon has recently decided to migrate from RoR to Node.js[2].

Again, this does not indicate that RoR is insufficient. That migration happened because the company’ needs have changed. The Groupon team decided to build a single platform to cater web and mobile users and build an API layer on top of each of backend software platforms. They’ve rebuilt each section of the website as separate Node.js applications.
That solution matched their needs and circumstances at that time.


Basecamp is a project management tool used by over 2 million people. Did you know that the creator of Ruby on Rails, David Heinemeier Hansson, developed his framework when building a web application that was later released as Basecamp? RoR can still be found at the core of the company.


Ask.ft is a global Q&A platform, a type of social network service. This is one of the largest platforms in the market, which was made based on Ruby on Rails. The flexibility and scalability of RoR helped the developers of Ask.fm to develop the platform and enabled the efficient management of the rapidly growing user base.

We Heart It

The platform describes itself as "a home for your inspiration. It is a social network for sharing photos. The We Heart It community has approximately 45 million registered users. The platform was created with Ruby on Rails. It is currently available in 23 different languages and supports the management of 60 billion images per month, which proves the enormous potential of RoR, even in large-scale endeavors.

These examples really speak for themselves. Using the Ruby on Rail framework is a quick and efficient way to turn your web development ideas into reality. As you can see, RoR can be utilized in many industries and for large web development projects.

Maybe Ruby on Rails is also the right solution for your vision and will help you succeed?

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[2] https://siliconangle.com/2013/11/11/how-groupon-web-traffic-moves-from-legacy-ruby-on-rails-to-node-js/

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