Why are startups still using Ruby on Rails?


Why are startups still using Ruby on Rails?

“Startup” is a very trendy word these days – almost every small company calls itself a startup (even though we know th

“Startup” is a very trendy word these days – almost every small company calls itself a startup (even though we know that there is no reason for that). Many of those companies are working in IT environment or using modern technology and a lot of them are using Ruby on rails framework. What is behind the popularity of RoR? And why is Ruby on Rails not dying?

#1 It’s easy to learn

Thanks to itspopularity, there is a lot of people who want to learn Ruby on Rails, so there is a lot of resources for them. You can easily find knowledge almost everywhere – from books, ebooks, youtube videos, websites to knowledge bases of Ruby on Rails development houses. And you know what? Most of them are available for free!

#2 Designed for programmer happiness

Ruby on Rails was designed by David Heinemeier Hansson (while Ruby by Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto) to be fun and easy, giving the developer happiness from his work. Thanks to Ruby rules like Convention over Configuration or Don’t Repeat Yourself, developers have less work, and the results are coming much faster. Also, Ruby on Rails enables people using best practices like Behavior-Driven Development or Test-Driven Development – thanks to them the tests are created together with the code. Clean code is one of the most important things in Ruby – it’s very easy to read it.

#3 Rails is still sexy

People are asking "is Ruby on Rails dying?". No, it’s not. You can easily see it on the numbers of websites using this framework and the number of people working with Ruby. Thanks to the statistics of Indeed.com you can see that after the small crisis in December 2014, the amount of people working in this category is the same as in 2011 o 2012. Also, from a hiring perspective, Ruby developers are people who want to continuously develop themselves, it’s also very easy for them to work in teams with people from other cultures. And last, but not least – there is a lot of RoR developers on the market, so you can easily find another one for you startup. Because Rails is not new, you can easily find an experienced developer – that means you will not waste your time on teaching them.

#4 Resources

Development simplicity and fun depends on compatibility with the ecosystem. Instead of resources to learn from, Ruby on Rails has a whole bunch of useful tools to work with. Just to mention those most popular like Heroku or Engineyard. Ruby on Rails also means more than 50.000 gems (plugins) that you can add to your application.

5# Community

Even if you happen to have any problems with the code, RoR has a huge community of people who can kindly answer your questions and help solve your problems. There is a lot of dedicated forums or websites in almost all languages – because the language of programming is international.

6# Security

It was always a very important thing in the world of Ruby. There is a lot of dedicated features implemented directly into the Ruby on Rails framework and they are enabled by default. Also, there is a lot of security plugins that you can easily implement in your code. Thanks to the large community all of them are up-to-date and with the latest security upgrades.

7# Speed & Low costs

Ruby on Rails is flexible, so you can easily change your team of developers to another one. It's also much faster – you can finish your project with less code and time than in .NET or Java. Costs? There are no costs because Ruby on Rails is free, it also runs on free systems and databases. Of course, you still have to pay the developers…:)

8# RoR is not a framework, it's a lifestyle...and symbol of the startup culture!

Working in Ruby on Rails means that the company has its own mindset. Hipster drinks, fancy computers – all that you can see on the websites. That's why in most cases employees are satisfied with their work. Effects? Better code, cool projects and finally – great product. Ruby on Rails also became a symbol of the whole culture – young, well-educated entrepreneurs of fast growing businesses.

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