Why London based companies love to work with us


Why London based companies love to work with us

A high business culture, respectful approach and professionalism – these are some of the key features of companies from the UK’s capital.

A high business culture, respectful approach and professionalism – these are some of the key features of companies from the UK’s capital. We simply love cooperating with them and using the expertise of London based businesses, and we know how to reciprocate.

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My first customer from London was also incidentally The Masters’ first ever customer from this city. I was extremely excited during our first talks with NewFlight. Soon, I will be once again going to London and I am as excited as I was back then. Why? Because London is the biggest business hub of tech companies and startups in Europe. If that is not enough, it is a beautiful city with a long and rich history.

Some of our best clients are from London

Over many hours of discussion with potential and existing clients, our company’s experience has shown us that London based businesses are more than willing to cooperate with Polish agencies. Additionally, in our experience, London based business partners appreciate the work culture and high skill sets of their Polish partners. However, in our case the list of strengths is much longer. But more about that later.

Interestingly, – according to a report published by HackerRank – Polish developers rank third in world IT skills standing.

We are experts and we are thrilled to work with other experts. This is exactly why we cherish our cooperation with London based companies so much. And, you know what, companies cherish working with us, too!

We currently work with two companies based in London:

  • MyAllergy, a UK based start-up providing a system to support people suffering from food allergies,
  • and NewFlight, a start-up working with video content and development projects.

Our best cooperation with London based companies

Our story with NewFlight started with a trial period. Tim Knight, the company’s CEO, needed development support for an existing project immediately. We were flexible enough and able to reallocate some resources which enabled us get on to it right away. As the quality we had delivered was high, he decided to circle back after a few months and asked us to take over another, even bigger and more prominent project - again with a very tight deadline.

We provided the client with flexibility and responsiveness whilst reallocating resources where needed to enable us to more effectively meet the demands of working with New Flight.

Just as we did with MyAllergy, where we fully devoted ourselves to the development of their app.

Why companies want to work with us?

Most of our customers appreciate TheMasters for a few things, we, quite frankly speaking, take pride in. They are:

1. Complete work transparency

Our customers always get access to a few tools which gives them complete insight into their projects. We follow the hourly-based pricing model, so the final price a customer pays every month is based solely on our developers’ actual working time. A break for a short game of FIFA? A water-cooler chatter? These things are excluded from the billed time.

A lack of control over a project when cooperating with a remote team is a myth. We assign a project manager to every project, so that the client stays in constant touch with us. We use communication tools such as: Jira/Slack/Staging Environment/Code Repo, so you’re on top of everything our development team is currently working on. Each and every part of the process is completely transparent.

2. We keep out client’s budget in mind

We always look for ways of helping our clients spend their resources wisely. Here is just one example.

When MyAllergy provided us with the initial specification of the project, we reviewed it and advised them not to build their blog from scratch, as it would needlessly generate significant cost, that could be substituted with a ready-to-use blog, easy to customise and link to their website. Thus, our advice, reduced the overall cost of the project.

Moreover our business consultation, testing and project management is free of charge.

3. We are flexible

“Flexibility” is one of our key values. We always do our best to cater to our clients needs.

A tight deadline? Development support at a client’s HQ? Consider it done. We love to meet our clients which is why we travel to London so often. We know how important a personal approach is, therefore we’re more than happy to send our developers to our clients, so they can get to know their co-workers and get a feel for the work culture of the client’s company.

4. Just a stone’s throw away

Did you know there are over 50 different flights from Poland to London on a daily basis? This means we can travel to the UK in less than two and a half hours to be there in case of an urgent issue which cannot be handled remotely. Additionally, there’s only a one-hour time difference between London and Wroclaw, so we’re available to you whenever you’re at work.

5. We speak English fluently. But really fluently.

We know that communication is a key to success, especially if you are cooperatinge with a remote software development agency. Bearing that in mind, every week we catch up with Gareth, our native English teacher (born and raised in the beautiful city of Manchester and Manchester United fan), for a two-hour conversatory session.

“TheMasters impressed me with their knowledge of my native language. Not only, do they know complicated tech vocabulary, but it’s also fun chatting with them about almost all subject.” - Gareth Wrend.

Everyone in our company – not only the CEO and project managers – speaks English. After all, English is the official language of the IT industry.

6. Highest quality of work

We have been on the market for more than 4 years. From day one we have specialized in RubyOnRails and AngularJS. We deliver top quality services because we are experts in these technologies, and on top of that, it’s our company ethos. Thanks to our narrow expertise, we are always up to date with all the latest trends within the frameworks we develop in.

Save the best for the end:

If you are still not convinced by all the arguments listed above, here’s the final, perhaps the most important message: we are huge fans of the Premier League, British rock music and the classic english breakfast.

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