5 reasons why you should consider outsourcing IT services to Poland


5 reasons why you should consider outsourcing IT services to Poland

There are many reasons why you should consider outsourcing IT services to our country, but in this article we decided to describe the 5 most important from the point of view of an UK company!

The IT industry has been developing very dynamically, and year after year, the market is growing in demand for qualified programmers. Already in 2018, according to the study Solving the UK Skills Shortage - Technology, over 70% of technology employers were experiencing IT skills shortages, and this number is still increasing. 

So, what can you do to avoid this problem in your company? One of the best solutions is to outsource IT services to Poland. In this article, we’ll present the five key reasons why you should consider this possibility.

1. High level of IT skills

Polish developers are one of the best programmers in the world. According to Hackerrank, they are in third place among most skilled software engineers in the world. They are also ranked first in Java skills and the top five for other popular programming languages such as Python, Shell, or Ruby. Moreover, polish software developers every year take the highest places in international tech contests such as Central European Programming Contest, Google Code Jam, or Microsoft Imagine Cup. Therefore, it is not surprising that the impressive skills of Polish programmers are appreciated by international companies, which increasingly often decide to employ them.

Table of the best software developers in the world

2. Good communication

You certainly know how important in the IT industry is communication. Luckily, English is a standard among Polish software developers, which allows placing them high in today tech world. For years, Poland has been at the forefront of the English skills in the EF English Proficiency Index. Today, almost 30% of Poles speak English, and it is the first foreign language learned and spoken in this country. Considering IT outsourcing to another country, it is certainly worth having this aspect in mind to avoid any communication problems.

Polish outsourcing companies also care about the highest level of the English language of their employees. For example, at TheMasters we run 90% of projects in english and we have weekly classes with a native speaker, so we can easily communicate with English-speaking clients. And as our teacher says, we are doing well: “TheMasters impressed me with their English skills. They don't only use complicated tech vocabulary, but also I can chat with them about all subject in my native language” - says Gareth Wrend.

Our western customers also prove our good communication skills. Below you will find an example of customer review from our Clutch profile:

“The quality of the work is excellent; we wouldn't be able to do it better internally. The test project was delivered on budget, on time, and to specification. This was mostly due to good communication throughout. Having started from an existing codebase, they were able to understand, adapt, and improve the code with ease. The team hit the ground running pretty quickly.”

Gianni Moschini, Winter Circle

3. Cultural and geographical proximity

Another reason why Poland is a great IT outsourcing partner for UK companies is its similarity in the social and cultural norms of those countries. It is obvious that there are issues where there are some differences, but they are much smaller than in the case of Eastern countries, such as China, India, or even Ukraine. The Poles and the British have been cooperating for years in various fields, including IT. The vast majority of them are successful and effective, so as a British entrepreneur, you should consider working with polish IT outsourcing companies.

Moreover, Poland is a European country, which is relatively close to the UK. It has two main advantages: 

  • The time difference between Poland and the United Kingdom is only one hour. It makes communication easy because you can easily communicate at the same time, arrange online meetings and much more.
  • If there is a need for a live meeting, Polish companies can occasionally visit your office to make the project successful.

Meetings with our clients are a great example of how important geographical proximity is. When Michał (TheMasters CEO) and Kamil (CTO) started working with the food tech company called Nutrifix, they came to London to set the details with them. After some time, in response to the invitation, clients came to meet us in Poland. These meetings allowed us to understand the client's needs better, but also get to know their team, which made our cooperation even better and more effective.

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Outsourcing software development to Poland

4. Saving time and money

We already know that cooperation with Polish programmers will probably be satisfactory and effective for you. However, that is not all. Another key issue is, of course, economic reasons.  First of all, outsourcing IT services to Poland will save your time on long, tedious, and expensive recruitment processes. 

You should remember that recruitment costs are not just job ads. It also includes the hard and long work of a recruiter and IT team members involved in verifying the technical skills of candidates. Even if their efforts are ineffective, your company will incur high costs.

Choosing to outsource software, you avoid the risk of misinvested money. What is more, when you outsource a project to an outsourcing company, you pay for a specific assignment and you do not have to be involved in the employment process and related financial and human resources issues. If you employ software developers for your company by an external partner, you gain a qualified team without engaging the HR department.

It is also worth adding that cooperation with a Polish company is relatively less risky than with a team from another continent, with which you are divided not only by long geographical distance but also by cultural differences. Recently our client has found out how much can be lost on this kind of unsuccessful cooperation. - “Some time ago we decided to work with a software house from Pakistan” - says one of our london-based clients “Unfortunately, we regretted this decision from the beginning. First of all, we experienced big communication problems because their English was not communicative. What is more, their working style and habits were very different from what we know in Europe, so the cultural differences turned out to be unacceptable. We lost not only money but also time because we had to terminate the cooperation and look for another company. Luckily, we found TheMasters - a polish company, with whom we work effectively at the highest level” - he adds.

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5. Fast-growing IT market

It is no secret that the UK market is faced with increasing staff shortages in the IT industry. Research by software company Pivotal shows that 66% of IT decision-makers from the UK claim that their country is in danger of losing key programming talent. 

Moreover, as many as 59% of CIOs forecast that difficulties in accessing expertise will hinder their organizations’ success following the UK’s exit from the EU.

IT specialists from Poland can fill this gap. Poland provides around 40,000 IT graduates per year which constitute 10% of all of them in the whole EU. Moreover, McKinsey reports that the Polish outsourcing market includes as many as 160,000 people and predicts that it will increase to 600,000 by 2025.

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