How to pick the right tech partner for building a MVP?


How to pick the right tech partner for building a MVP?

If you want to find the best software development agency to build your MVP, be sure to check out our 5-point list what to pay attention for!

Software development is not only expensive but also a time-consuming process. That’s why many prudent entrepreneurs adhere to the "start small" principle, according to which it is worthwhile to begin the software development process with an MVP app. This solution will not only help you to verify your idea on the market but also minimize costs and possible losses if your idea turns out to be wrong. 

However, to achieve success, you should focus on choosing the best technology partner. How to do that? Here’s a collection of five tips that may be useful. Check them out and choose the best partner for your business.

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1. Check their portfolio.

First of all, remember that a technology partner's choice to build an MVP is also the choice of a team that will develop this product in the future. Therefore, you need to make sure that they are professionals who have experience in creating such applications. So, how can you verify it? It's simple: check out their portfolio, which you will probably find on their website. 

project from our portfolio

Find out whether they have already done similar projects and focus on:

  • how they have solved the business problems of their previous clients,
  • what technologies they used,
  • how they approach individual projects,
  • what results they achieved.

Suppose you find similar projects there or at least clients from your industry —  great. It means that they have valuable know-how that can be useful while developing your product.


2. Make sure that they have experience in building MVPs.

Reviewing the projects that a company has realized, you should also make sure that they have previous experience building MVPs in entrepreneurship and cooperating with startups

Realizing such projects requires relevant tech skills and knowledge to continue the customers' product development in the future. Moreover, only experienced developers and designers will be able to identify the most critical features necessary to achieve your MVP's success. Therefore, choosing a professional team increases the chances that this team will build a project tailored to your needs and market trends and expectations.


3. Take a look at customer reviews.

If your potential technology partners have already worked with other clients, they certainly have references from them. However, to get a real picture of this company, you should check independent platforms collecting reviews — instead of the company website, where marketers can only select the best reviews. In the case of the IT industry, the first page to visit is Clutch

You will find extensive information from customers on the cooperation and the results achieved. What's more, you can even check their scores of individual elements such as quality, schedule, cost, or willingness to refer. Customer feedback on this portal is a valuable source of information that will allow you to choose the best company for cooperation.

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4. Discover the offers of foreign companies.

Because your product does not make money yet, you are probably looking for affordable offers on the market. However, it would help if you remembered how important the quality of your MVP is. So, is there a solution? Of course. Today, geographical restrictions should not be an obstacle, so it may be a good step to consider cooperation with a tech company from another country

One of the best directions for IT services outsourcing is Poland, which has one of the best software developers in the world. You will there find many great technology companies, which have knowledge and experience in, for example, building an MVP for startups.

If you want to learn more, why should you consider outsourcing IT services to Poland - read this article.


5. Check the team is focused on helping your business.

One of the simplest ways to test your future partner's professionalism is to see where their priorities lie. Schedule a call and talk about your potential cooperation and then, try to find the answer to the following questions:

  • Do they try to understand and serve your specific needs? 
  • Or they only concern around if you'll choose them? 

Remember that your tech partner should want you to succeed first-and-foremost and try to achieve the best results. Only people that want to help you to achieve your goals are worthy of your trust.

As you can see, choosing a tech partner for building an MVP has a significant impact on your idea's success. That's why it's good to check these five issues to make sure that you hire the time of professional, reliable experts.

Are you looking for a tech partner to help you develop an MVP? Contact us. We will be more than happy to talk about your idea, as well as share our knowledge.

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