Good application – do you know how to recognize it?


Good application – do you know how to recognize it?

Being Software House owner means you get to know with a lot of applications.

Being Software House owner means you get to know with a lot of applications. That’s why I am aware with trends and current technologies. It’s easy for me to judge whether specific application is good or it can be better. I know it doesn’t have to be that obvious to you. It’s normal. You work on your business, not on developing applications. That’s why I prepared this quick guide. Check out what a good application should be like.

#1 It’s fast

Good application is a fast one. It can be result of improvements (one simple window instead of five steps in different pop-ups). It can be result of used technology (like single page application model). Good example are applications built with AngularJS. In this case the interaction is a way better than with classic web application and common websites. Individual data can be wrapped up with user actions, but whole page is not refreshed at any moment.

#2 It’s responsive

Application is built to help user. To make it possible, it must adapt to him and the device he is using. That’s why we are using Responsive Web Design. With this technology, websites and applications are adapted to different devices (from desktops and tablets, to smartphones). It uses scalable graphics, proportion grids and dynamic media to make sure every user will have similar (and good!) experience while using application. Importance of RWD is gaining importance as day by day more people are using different devices to communicate.

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#3 It’s intuitive

The newest trend is not necessarily the technology. Nowadays it’s not about if, but how we are going to meet demands of our customers. User Experience (the user impression while using applications) is also gaining importance. Application must be intuitive and it means that a good one can literally predict user movements. We all are using internet and applications with similar way and application is not supposed to break those habits. The text, application windows, navigate buttons are expected to be placed in specified places. We can’t allow user to be confused. That’s why certain groups of buttons have often the same color and are placed in top right corner.

#4 It meets your needs

Although I came with these at the end, it’s the most important thing your application should fulfill. It can be fast, responsive and intuitive but it will be useless if it won’t be achieving your goal. That’s why you should pay attention on usability at every point of development. It can’t be ignored at the expense of other elements.

#5 Do you know now, how to recognize a good application?

The number of used technologies makes the judgment harder. But there are elements that every good application should have. I described them above. If you are working on your application, you should check them out first.

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