EdTech companies and the technology that they use


EdTech companies and the technology that they use

These days EdTech is about way more than just online learning materials. Tech companies are improving more and more areas of education.

Twenty years ago we used to check the words that we didn’t know in a printed encyclopedia or a book. Now we can’t imagine doing a school assignment without having unlimited access to Google, Youtube tutorials, Wikipedia and all the online knowledge sharing platforms. These days EdTech is about way more than just online learning materials. Tech companies are improving more and more areas of education. Ever more advanced technology is revolutionising it and that’s a fact. Things like real time collaboration on projects or VR virtual coach are really making a difference in the way we study and learn. Let’s take a look at a few of them that, we believe, deserve a mention. 

Explain Everything

Let’s begin with our home town EdTech superstar that we had a pleasure to work with. Explain Everything, having raised $5.7M in funding over 2 rounds, built a real-time collaboration tablet application for schools and tutors. It allows students and teachers to share notes and drawings through a virtual whiteboard. It consists of an advanced highly-performant creator of interactive presentations with a very playful and user-friendly interface. It serves as a learning aid and a mean of communication. Only by 2016 it has been installed on 70,000 Los Angeles School District’s iPads and 50% of all educational iPads in the UK.


This New-York-based digital credentialing platform for verifying, sharing, and managing online badges and certifications has recently scored another big round of funding in April 2019, coming down to a total of $18.2 million since 2016. Their web application for both badge holders and certifying institutions helps to automate verifying the learning and skills and knowledge demanded on the labor market currently, making certifications internationally recognised. Creddly is supported and used by such entities as the Yale University, the New York City Department of Education, the Dallas Museum of Art, Adobe, SUNY and many more. 


Another one of our EdTech partners, that we had a pleasure to support with software development, is one of America’s fastest growing private companies according to Inc. 500 list for 2018. Idaho-based Stukent is a courseware provider for high school and uni students and self-learners studying social media marketing, customer behaviors, analytics, design and many more areas related to marketing. Their complex online platform consists of many modules, such as a real-world online advertising simulator, webinar hosting tool, real-time communication between tutors and students and database of hands-on learning materials. It is used by over 100,000 students at over 1,000 colleges and universities in all 50 states of the USA and in over 40 other countries.

Oxford VR

Obviously education is not only for kids and happens not only at schools. Oxford VR, founded by a psychology Professor Daniel Freeman, is a startup on the border of psychology and education. They invented an immersive technology that works as a computer-generated virtual coach to overcome such problems as fear of highs, social anxiety and others. This innovative therapy is not only a game-changer from the technological point of view, but mainly because it drastically improves the availability of mental issue treatments in comparison to face-to-face meetings with therapists. Thanks to VR simulations people can practice handling situations that are difficult for them in real life and learn how to deal with them in a controlled environment. 


Since we love programming so much, we couldn’t resist to mention this awesome solution that helps kids learn coding. The Tel-Aviv-based CodeMonkey raised a total of $2.2m since 2013 to develop their platform that teaches writing code through building games. It offers a comprehensive course that covers the basics of programming. Students learn to code using CoffeeScript and build their own games in HTML5. It is not only targeted at kids that are thinking of starting a career as software developers. It is a great way to stimulate creativity, logic and critical thinking and learn how to effectively solve problems.


Launched in 2012, steadily growing and raising a $18.8 million round of funding in June 2018, it is one of the most successful EdTech startups founded in Germany. Blinklist is a Spotify for 15-minute reads - over 3,000 audiobooks and ebooks enjoyed by more than 10m users worldwide. It is an answer to today’s problem of too little time and too many topics to discover. It provides all the key ideas from bestselling nonfiction books extracted by experts into bitesize text and audio that you can get familiar with within a few minutes. 

All these EdTech educational aids makes education more fun, but most of all - more accessible than ever before. Studying is no longer requiring us to stay at home or at a library. Now we can learn new things anywhere and anytime - on the train, at Starbucks or over a lunch break. Thanks to all the apps and platforms we actually end up spending a lot more time learning than we used to before the digital revolution.

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