7 hottest tech events in autumn 2018


7 hottest tech events in autumn 2018

Buckle up and let’s have a ride around some of the best tech conferences out there!

Summer is the season of holidays, it’s a time to relax and a chance to charge our batteries. Autumn, on the other hand, is a hot season in b2b sales and an opportunity to get some new clients and close the year in style. There are a few events that can help you out with that. We’ve put together a list of the most interesting tech conferences that take place in autumn. Buckle up and let’s have a ride around some of the best tech conferences out there!

IP Expo Nordic 19-20 September, Stockholm

With all the hot IT topics under ONE roof, world-class exhibitors and attendees, IP EXPO Nordic IT is a must-attend IT event for CIOs, heads of IT and security and tech experts. It combines all the technologies needed by the enterprise to succeed, including cloud, networks and infrastructure, data and analysis, DevOps, AI, IOT and Blockchain and cybersecurity. It lets the attendees explore, educate and interact in many ways. It allows to understand where the industry is heading and discover many success stories from experts - ones that have worked, but also those that initially failed and led to some valuable findings.

#Cloud, #CyberSecurity, #Networks&Infrastructure, #Data&Analytics, #DevOps, #Ai, #IOT, #Blockchain

Connected World Summit 25-26 September, London

This event will take us not only to the world of the technology of tomorrow, such as: AI, Blockchain, Security, 5G, Homes and Cities of the future, but also introduce us the latest trends in management and how to lead people in the company. This is an interactive and innovative platform where content is the key. The agenda of the conference is constructed the way that allows any tech specialists find something interesting for them. It’s a fully comprehensive learning experience addressed to a diverse audience. It’s the 4th edition of this conference and this time it will take place in a new venue - London’s Printworks.

#Blockchain #5G #IT #Managment #CyberSecurity #AI

World Summit AI 2018 10-11 October, Amsterdam

World Summit targets a general tech-savvy audience. It’s pretty much all about ground-breaking presentations from across business and science, hot off the press AI announcements, heated panels, lots of valuable tech workshops, coding classes and much more. If you are interested in the ethics of AI, real-time data analytics in the cloud or cognitive computing, this event is definitely for you. Last year, among the keynotes, you could find the biggest players on the market there like: Google, Intel, NASA, ING, Airbus, Facebook and many others. As Ebay CPO RJ Pittman said about 2017 edition, “The brains in this room are worth trillions of dollars.” This year the event will double its size due to its huge popularity.


Oracle Open World 22-25 October, San Francisco

This is one of the most important business and technology conferences in the world. The conference delivers deep insight into the industry trends and breakthroughs driven by technology. It’s designed for attendees who want to connect, learn, explore and get inspired. At OOW you can find topics such as business decision-making and IT management. There is also a lot of focus put on IT infrastructure, Intelligent Cloud Platform, Smart Cloud Applications and Big Data.

#BigData #ITManagment #Cloud #AI

Web Summit 5-8 November, 2018 Lisbon

Web Summit is one of the most important technological conferences in the world and we are very happy to announce that we will be there this year! If you are also planning to spend the start of November in Lisbon, let’s catch up! Except meeting new people, we are looking forward to getting updated with all the latest news about Big Data, AI and the general impact of technology on today’s world. This conference brings together people from every technological industry. It isn’t only about business innovations though. It also focuses a lot on ecology, healthy eating habits and others. There are also some initiatives aimed at strengthening the role of women in the world of technology dominated by men. Web Summit is a very well organized conference too. What’s more, it is a great opportunity for startups to pitch their ideas to potential investors.

#AI #IoT #BigData #Eco

Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2018 Barcelona | IT & Tech Leadership Conference 4- 8 November, Barcelona

This event is a mix of business and tech conferences. It is addressed to every person who manages people and everyone interested in the IT industry. It is not only a chance to learn many things from such areas as Blockchain or AI but also how to effectively manage a team and be a good leader. Among are some really interesting workshops there are, for example, “face-to-face exhibitor meetings” or “ask the analyst sessions”. On the first one you can discuss your tech requirements with qualified solution providers. The other is a series of small, interactive sessions focused on specific topics where you can ask analysts direct questions and get instant answers.

#Blockchain #AI #MachineLearning

Big Data LDN 13-14 November 2018, London

If your product is related to subjects like data science, machine learning, business analytics or data management and integration - this is your place to be! Big Data LDN is about providing answers by focusing on practical steps that organisations should take. The conference and seminar agenda is a compelling blend of strategic guidance and actionable technical insights, enabling business and IT delegates to tackle their Big Data projects with confidence. 

#BigData #Free

Let’s meet up in Lisbon!

Have you made your autumn event plans yet? We wish we could make it to all of them, but having to choose one, we believe Web Summit is our place to be. We are looking forward to it so much as it is one of the largest conferences of this type in the world and the range of issues discussed there is enormous. If you are planning to be there too, let’s grab a coffee and talk business!


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