5 reasons why Ruby on Rails is the best technology for your web application


5 reasons why Ruby on Rails is the best technology for your web application

From SoundCloud to Github.

From SoundCloud to Github. From Slideshare to Shopify. They all have one thing in common: Ruby on Rails framework. Want to know why globally renowned brands use it? Keep reading.

Why you should choose Rails

It’s no coincidence people choose Ruby on Rails to develop such ambitious projects – it’s a top-notch technology for developing web applications that perfectly suits the needs and expectations of clients and programmers. We use it on daily basis and we believe you should do so too. Here’s 5 reasons why.

#1 It’s fast and easy

Heard about the 37signals? These are the creators of Basecamp and also authors of a renowned Remote book. You may not know that, but they also created Ruby on Rails.

We like to think they casually did it in their free time. In reality, they were much in need for such a tool. The number of web apps they were building was a signal (without any doubts: one of the 37. See what we did there?) to create a framework that could help develop them easier and faster.

#2 – It’s cost-effective

Facts don’t lie. Building identical functionalities in Ruby on Rails requires approximately 25-30% less code than in Symfony 2. That means fewer working hours, a quicker development process and lower overall costs in comparison to .NET and Java as well.

#3 - It’s proven

Marketers often talk about a so-called Sinatra Effect. It’s a way to present your offer. Choose the best elements of your portfolio as a showcase for your potential clients. Let them think: “If these guys were good enough for this kind of projects, they can handle mine as well”.

If this is the case, Ruby on Rails have quite a portfolio to brag about. Groupon. Twitter. YellowPages. Soundcloud. Slideshare. Shopify. Github. And many more. They were all developed using Ruby on Rails.

#4 – It’s constantly growing

6,303,302,108. According to RubyGems, it’s the total number of gems downloaded so far. Quite a number, eh? And it’s only going to be getting bigger and bigger. Thanks to its popularity, many people seek a way to develop Ruby on Rails framework even further to expand its potential uses. Have a look around the web. Ready to use expansions and modules are basically everywhere.

From your point of view it means one crucial thing: easy and fast development of web applications right now and even faster in not too distant future.

#5 - It fits what you already use

One of the biggest advantages of using Ruby on Rails is its flexibility. It works perfectly with technologies like AngularJS for example. Thanks to that, You (and we as well) can separate layers of application and use multiple technologies. Can’t be more convenient from a programmer’s point of view.

Why we chose Ruby

To use Ruby on Rails as one of the key technologies for building web applications was a sensible decision based on mutual consent of the whole team. Thanks to RoR, we can develop apps much faster.

Also it’s more convenient for programmers, because of many ready to use out of the box solutions. Therefore they can focus on writing quality codes instead of looking for ways to tackle typical problems on their own.

So, if you need to develop an efficient and functional web app, don’t hesitate – choose Ruby on Rails. As we and thousands of companies from around the globe did.

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