5 reasons why you should choose a software house from Poland to develop web or mobile app


5 reasons why you should choose a software house from Poland to develop web or mobile app

Polish programmers kicks ass, pardon my French.




Polish programmers kicks ass, pardon my French. As a nation, we have many successes in international programming competitions and tournaments such as Google Code Jam, Facebook Hacker Cup and many more. That’s why you should consider hiring a Polish software house for your next project. Need more reasons? Here they come!


1# Polish software houses have amazing experience

Rate My Area from Ireland. Transterra Media from Lebanon. City Socalizer from United Kingdom. Coinality from States. These are all companies from all over the world that worked with Polish software houses, to name just a few. We have one of the best programmers in the world you’d love to work with: highly skilled and motivated.

That’s why foreign contractors choose us so often. There’s nothing to fear. We are part of European Union for over ten years now! American venture capitalists invest in our startups (some of which are considered to be on a fast track to becoming yet another unicorns – bet you didn’t know that!). We are a proven market and solid business partners.

#2 Polish programmers are cheaper

We know what you’re thinking. You can’t get a quality code at a low price. Well, it depends, so we disagree. You must learn to look at Polish software houses project valuations in a context of minimum and average wage.

Polish minimum wage is 1237,20PLN (308 euros). Average wage is 2870,58PLN (714 euros). To put things in perspective: That gives us 22. position of all European Union countries. For example, average wage in German is 3449 euros and in France 2449 euros.

We don’t write it to make you feel sympathy for us. We write it to explain to you why we can agree to work for less. Working costs in Poland are lower than in other countries, especially from your perspective. That means we can provide a similar software quality for less money in the exact same time. Simple.

#3 Polish software houses have hunger for success stories with foreign customers

Polish software houses mostly employ young people and, which is more curious, are run mostly by young people. And you know how dedicated and full of energy people in their twenties and early thirties are. But don’t worry – it comes without the errors of the youth. Polish software houses deliver high quality products on time. That’s because foreign clients are priority for us!

#4 Polish software houses speak fluent English

English is not an official language in Poland and, truth to be told, probably will never be, but this doesn’t mean Poles don’t speak good English. In fact, exactly the opposite!

When it comes to learning foreign languages, we are just like Scandinavians. Schools treat it with the highest possible priority. So communicating with Polish software house wouldn’t be a problem at all. Especially since it’s IT industry, where English is official language, doesn’t it?

So, if you’re basing your knowledge about Eastern-Europeans language skills basing on the stereotypical portrait of Russians in American movies you’ll be quite surprised. In a good way!

#5 You can depend on Polish programmers even when they’re working remotely

Employers tend to underestimate or even disregard remote work. They believe nothing beats seeing your potential contractor face to face for briefing or discussing details. But working remotely is on the rise. In fact, some of the research shows it could become a dominating model in upcoming years!

Lack of control over project when cooperating with remote team is a myth. How so? Because thanks to the project management tools like Basecamp, Bitbucket Github and many more you can actually be even better informed that when depending on frequent e-mails or calls from software house’s account executive or project manager. Up to date information could be a few clicks away from you!

To conclude, you shouldn’t worry about cooperating with software house from Poland because of the distance. The only thing you should really focus on as a decisive factor is quality of the work. Not a place where code is being written.

Good luck selecting Polish software house for your next project! Maybe it could be us?


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