5 questions you should ask before choosing a software house


5 questions you should ask before choosing a software house

You have a great idea for an application or business improvement, but you need someone who will code it for you?

There are plenty of companies on the market, and all of them promise mountains of gold. How to choose well and don’t be misled by the marketing tricks? Check out 5 questions you should ask to distinguish good software house from a bad one.

#1 Does the company have subcontractors?

The longer the process, the more bottlenecks and the higher possibility of encountering difficulties. One, even a small team increase the probability of completing the project on time. If you are not sure, ask for the opportunity to get to know the team.

#2 When you will be able to see the first results?

Good software house will not leave you in the dark until the last moment, where the application will be created, and you will no longer be able to change anything. They will prepare a prototype and talk with you about the functions. In addition, a good software house will propose improvements to your application, based on their know-how and experience.

#3 Does the application is tested and installed on the server?

Good software house will do a proper testing (manual and automatic). Why do it automatically? Imagine a situation when every week we add a new module to the application and we do update on the server. Before implementing, we have to click it all again. Not only this new module. Without automated tests, we would have to do the same for a few hours every week. This way we save your time and money.

#4 What about support and maintenance?

Not every software house offers a small, free maintenance after development. A good contractor will make sure that everything works, patch any holes immediately after the start of application and offer payable, long-term maintenance.

#5 Is the software house solving problems or just implement functionalities?

One of the most important things that separates the good software house from the bad is what they ask during programming. In addition to queries about the expected functionality, they should also ask about your vision and what problem you want to solve. They do this in order to see if there is a better solution, which you may have not known.

There are situations that the client expects something like: „after pressing this button, the application will display a window, where I can only change the price of specific product, I do not have to go out from a list of all products.” A good contractor will propose the function of changing price directly on the product list. The customer thought about the additional window because he did not know that it can be done without it.

You already know how to distinguish a good software house from a bad one?

We are not able to remove all your doubts. Follow these few tips to minimize the risk of problems during the development of your application. If you have any questions or concerns, just ask us.

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