10 best examples of apps built with React.js


10 best examples of apps built with React.js

According to StackOverflow, React.js is currently the second most popular framework worldwide. See our list of top-notch apps built with this technology!

In a previous article, we compared React.js to Angular, focusing on the pros, cons, popularity, and usage. Today we would like to present to you the best applications built using this technology and explain why the world's tech giants have decided to use React.js in their apps.

TOP 10 famous apps built with React.js


1. Facebook

The Masters facebook page made in react.js

The first example on our list is, of course, Facebook, the company that created React.js in 2013 as a cross-platform for mobile application development. As you can guess, Facebook has one of the widest user-bases worldwide.

Both its website and mobile app are built with React. The first one uses it as the script in the application code. The second one uses a similar React called React Native version that allows displaying the mobile (iOS and Android) native components. Interestingly, Facebook also created its beta version that is completely rewritten, called React Fiber

2. Instagram

The Masters instagram page made in react.js

Instagram, as a Facebook-owned product, of course, also uses React.js. When Facebook bought Instagram, it decided to move the mobile app to React Native. This change allowed a high-quality user interface (UI) and a fantastic user experience (UX). 

React allowed the creationt of many unique features such as Google Maps APIs, geolocations, or search engine accuracy.

3. WhatsApp

Whatsup page made in react.js

As in the case of Instagram, after Facebook bought WhatsApp, it also decided to use React to improve its functionality. Today, it is one of the most-known online communicators, with many active users using this app for everyday communication. This app uses React to provide the highest level of user experience.

Moreover, a recently developed a new WhatsApp web app has also been built using React.

4. Netflix

Netflix page made in react.js

One of the most popular brands during times of pandemic — Netflix also appreciated the benefits of ReactJS and decided to use it in their product. Some time ago, this famous streaming channel was facing low runtime performance on various devices. The solution was React.js implementation that allowed to improve not only the performance but also modularity and startup speed. If you want to learn more about why Netflix's developers decided to use React, on their blog, you'll find a detailed article about it.

5. Airbnb

Airbnb page made in react.js

The next example of an app built in React.js is Airbnb. Its developers used React to build the frontend of its web app. When in 2016, Facebook launched React Native, Airbnb saw a great way to develop their mobile applications in this framework. A few months later, they launched the first set of components that use React Native to support their Android and iOS native apps. Finally, thanks to React Native, they were able speed up the development of their mobile applications.

Interestingly, the Airbnb developers have contributed to the React ecosystem's development, creating the React Sketch.app — a library that makes cooperation between design and programming more comfortable.

6. DropBox

Dropbox page made in react.js

In 2016 the developers at Dropbox chose React to start redesigning their library.

They use React to create interactive frontend elements. Thanks to this framework's choice, today, we can preview any document in their cloud-based storage service exceptionally quickly. While gathering file data, React analyzes the number and size of pages, visualizing the preview as you scroll down the page. 

The developers from Dropbox decided to combine React with other JavaScript tools to ensure a smooth experience across all browsers.

7. Atlassian

Atlassian page made in react.js

If you work in the IT industry, you are undoubtedly familiar with Atlassian products. This Australian brand owns many useful apps such as JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, Trello, or Hipchat - and most of them they built in React.js. 

Their developers used React to make quick and easy implementations on all versions of their apps: desktop, Internet and mobile ones.

8. Discord

Discord page made in react.js

Discord is one of the most popular chats for gamers. It allows them to talk with other gamers, check their availability, and send text messages. The most crucial benefit of React.js, from Discord's developers perspective, is the possibility to build cross-platform app development.

Thanks to using this framework, they could write code that 98% is shared by iOS and Android versions.

9. UberEats

Uber eats page made in react.js

Did you know that that possibility of browsing, ordering and tracking orders via UberEats results from using React.js? UberEats developers used this app to build a dashboard available via smartphones or tablets. This framework helped them to build features that enable users to: make a new order, accept, or its execution.

What's essential, React also has an impact on improving the user experience of their web application.

10. Skyscanner

Skyscanner page made in react.js

In 2019, Skyscanner scaled their design system to unleash a new brand. Their developers decided to create Backpack — their own design system. They wanted the whole design to be impeccable, so, as you can guess, they also decided to use React. Today their system, which is based on React components, provides amazing user experience and user interface.

If you want to learn more about the process and what role React played there, read an article on their blog describing the topic.

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As you can see, React is a very popular choice among the world's tech giants. It has a number of obvious advantages that make it increasingly popular. If you also want to create an application using this framework - contact us. Our team has extensive experience in working with this technology.

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