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EdTech companies and the technology that they use

These days EdTech is about way more than just online learning materials. Tech companies are improving more and more areas of education.

12 online coding resources and books you should know

In a fast-growing industry, it's good to be up-to-date with the news. Check out our list!

Clean code is not enough to be a good developer

What are the other important aspects to be a effective developer?

7 hottest tech events in autumn 2018

Buckle up and let’s have a ride around some of the best tech conferences out there!

6 lessons I have learned about PropTech

An interesting look at the rapidly growing real estate market.

Your money doesn't exist anyway. But wait, what do we mean by 'exist'?

Every day we entrust our finances to banks, we keep money on our accounts believing that they are safe there.

PropTech - a revolution in Real Estate

Year by year, we observe how technology is revolutionizing new areas of life, giving us new possibilities and making things easier.

How to prepare for an interview for a software developer?

Are you preparing for your first dev job interview and you’re not sure what to expect? Check out a few hacks that will give you the edge on other candidates!

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