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Today's software development market is dominated by internet and mobile applications. There are several ways to reduce the budget for software development.

No professional software house or any other innovative business can go without a good communication tool.

A developer’s time doesn’t come cheap and this is why it’s good to implement the best practices in IT companies and software agencies to ensure that team productivity increases.

One of the first decisions we needed to make at The Masters was: “Which development methodology should we use?”.

It’s hard to enjoy your fulfillment and professional satisfaction when you get up every day and want to quit your job because it's driving you up the wall. We asked our developers what annoys them the most.

Outsourcing software development and code is usually not anyone’s first choice.

When Slack exploded in 2014, most of its soon-to-be customers were still using email and post-its for internal comm

In the first sight, it is hard to give your software project to the company located in the other part of the world.

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