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How to make a successful scalable web application?

The key to achieving it is the methodology and the approach, that your technology partner should have at their fingertips.

How to reduce web app development costs without losing quality?

During a time of the pandemic every entrepreneur tries to minimize their costs. In this article we share our ideas, that could help you achieving it.

What the heck is a PM for if I only need additional developers?

Why do you need assigned project manager from agency? Who will manage workload and communication in a project?

New technologies vs old ones. What stack to choose for your project?

As a CEO or CTO you have to choose a technology for your project. But how to start and pick the right stack?

Is full stack development always a tradeoff between quality and money?

The discussion over the pros and cons of teams with full stack devs has been going on for a long time. See what are our thoughts about it.

How to save your budget for software development?

Today's software development market is dominated by internet and mobile applications. There are several ways to reduce the budget for software development.

Top 5 communication tools for business

No professional software house or any other innovative business can go without a good communication tool.

How to boost the productivity of your dev team?

This post will help you to improve your developers’ efficiency.

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