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3 challenges of buling a proptech solution

Technologization of managing properties usually means modification of habits. How to create a solution that people will actually trust?

Wanna make your app go viral? Here’s where to start from!

How do you boost your app downloads to make people choose your product over its competitors? The answer is ASO.

Edinburgh - worth visiting fastest growing tech hub

We always follow the latest trends and news from the IT industry. Looking for inspiration, a few weeks ago I stumbled upon an article about the best cities in the world for tech innovations and businesses.

Effective collaboration with a software house - after signing the contract

Now, once you’ve selected the software house that meets your requirements, it’s time to talk about your project in more details and write the technical specification of the system you want to build.

How to plan an effective collaboration with a software house?

How do you start a successful and productive collaboration with a software house? What do you need to know before contacting a development agency?

Why London based companies love to work with us

A high business culture, respectful approach and professionalism – these are some of the key features of companies from the UK’s capital.

Why would you want to do business in Dublin?

When Brits voted to Brexit EU, people on the Street were speculating where the European tech business central would move after Great Britain starts isolating itself from the world.

Why we invest in traveling to meet people?

We are a bunch of passionate humans who love to discuss business ideas and building great applications.

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