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Piotr Imbierowicz

The Master of an idea. Young and hungry programmer, who always wanted to optimize things, even when no one expect it from him ;-) It was difficult to do it under someone else wings, so he decided to go on his own. Tough challenge, but what can he do? He doesn’t have a choice.

MVP is a very popular buzzword these days, like growth hacking or big data – startup owners are talking about building

During our work we have had a chance to talk with many startup owners from a great deal of different branches.

“Startup” is a very trendy word these days – almost every small company calls itself a startup (even though we know th

In the first sight, it is hard to give your software project to the company located in the other part of the world.

There is a lot of contract types, but in developers world, two of them are very popular – the one called Time & Ma

Last week we wrote about what you should take into consideration when visiting your potential future software house

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