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Michał Szehidewicz

Michał pursues success and growth with the determination of a shark and optimism of a Golden Retriever. He looks for new clients, but he prefers to call them partners. A huge fan of NBA and business-related books.

10 best examples of apps built with React.js

According to StackOverflow, React.js is currently the second most popular framework worldwide. See our list of top-notch apps built with this technology!

What’s the difference between Native Apps, Web Apps and Hybrid Apps?

If you’re about to build a mobile app, sooner or later you will need to choose between native apps, responsive web apps or hybrid apps. See our comparison!

15 best UK tech startups to watch in 2021

Get inspired by the best startup ideas from various industries, worth billions of dollars!

How to reduce web app development costs without losing quality?

During a time of the pandemic every entrepreneur tries to minimize their costs. In this article we share our ideas, that could help you achieving it.

5 reasons why you should consider outsourcing IT services to Poland

There are many reasons why you should consider outsourcing IT services to our country, but in this article we decided to describe the 5 most important from the point of view of an UK company!

The future of medicine lies within software?

The development of Medtech applications is one of the fastest-growing IT fields. But right now it is the most crucial part of the business globally when we are forced to stay at home and still take care of our health as never before, facing the coronavirus pandemic. 

7 hottest tech events in autumn 2018

Buckle up and let’s have a ride around some of the best tech conferences out there!

Your money doesn't exist anyway. But wait, what do we mean by 'exist'?

Every day we entrust our finances to banks, we keep money on our accounts believing that they are safe there.

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