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Kamil Dubel

The Founder of The He's been sitting in front of his computer since the age of 6. Participant of multiple Hackathons. Passionate about technology and programming. He believes that the only way to achieve great results is hard work. And craft beer.

As a CEO or CTO you have to choose a technology for your project. But how to start and pick the right stack?

Keeping up-to-date with the latest news is important in every industry and to be an expert you need to learn constantly.

Are you preparing for your first dev job interview and you’re not sure what to expect? Check out a few hacks that will give you the edge on other candidates!

What will 2018 bring? Take a look at the trends that define tomorrow's threat landscape.

The development of Medtech applications is one of the fastest growing fields of IT business activity. See interesting case study.

Being Software House owner means you get to know with a lot of applications.

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