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The Founder of The He's been sitting in front of his computer since the age of 6. Participant of multiple Hackathons. Passionate about technology and programming. He believes that the only way to achieve great results is hard work. And craft beer.

React.js vs Angular. Which one is better for Web Development in 2021?

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Top 5 frameworks to learn in 2021

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10 startups that own their success to Ruby on Rails

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Is Ruby on Rails already dead?

Since around 2013, the Internet has been littered with articles with the above title (or the equivalent). Some are written by Ruby on Rails companies or RoR agencies, and some are written by agencies  promoting  alternative approaches. Amazingly, every year, more similar articles are written.

New technologies vs old ones. What stack to choose for your project?

As a CEO or CTO you have to choose a technology for your project. But how to start and pick the right stack?

12 online coding resources and books you should know

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