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Marta Bogacz

Marta believes that everything is a footnote to Plato and that the only marketing trick you’ll need in the 21st century will be giving up marketing tricks and being a real human. Tells real stories about digital transformation.

It’s hard to enjoy your fulfillment and professional satisfaction when you get up every day and want to quit your job because it's driving you up the wall. We asked our developers what annoys them the most.

Hundreds of professional educators and researchers are working on tools that enable teaching to be something it couldn't be before: interactive, engaging and personalized - at scale.

We believe that every UX designer should learn how dyslexic and ADHD mind works, especially if they design products for young people or meant for teaching.

I asked our programmers what makes them get up in the morning and (more or less) happily spend a day doing something most people find uncomprehensible and scary: software development.

When Brits voted to Brexit EU, people on the Street were speculating where the European tech business central would move after Great Britain starts isolating itself from the world. Dublin seemed like the obvious choice.

Programming takes a lot of time to learn and a lot of skill to do well.

The SaaS model started a revolution of sorts.

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