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Weronika Czekalska

Weronika believes that selling is caring. As a Sales Manager she wants to identify and respond to the real needs of the customers and give them value, rather than persuade them to buy. She's passionate about startups, journalism and psychology and loves traveling and dancing Salsa Cubana.

Have you ever considered outsourcing the development of your product? If you have, I’m sure you’ve come across this dilemma. What’s better - partnering up with a software agency or hiring freelance developers?

There’re so many reasons why outsourcing software development is a good idea but there’s a number of mistakes that companies often make when taking the step to pass a portion of their development to an offshore partner.

To be a good software developer you need far more than just programming skills. Even though it’s a tech occupation, and specific measurable abilities are most important, you need to have some basic soft skills to work effectively in a team of several members.

Whether you want to get inspired by some encouraging keynotes, develop your social network or get up to speed with the latest tech trends, conferences are what you should put on your 2019 roadmap.

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