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Intro: SpinView deals with creating digital 360 degrees product presentations from pre-created photo sets for car dealers like i.e. Ford.

Goal: a creation of software that enables car dealers to show individually configured cars (model, color, rims etc.) to their potential customers.


Step 1: we select and prepare Ford Mondeo photos (SpinView customer) to create views’ databases for the MVP

Step 2: we develop both the application interface and car color and body configuration modules using the above mentioned databases

Step 3: we optimize the application for desktop computers, notebooks and mobile devices as well as for TV screens i.e. with the Samsung Smart TV technology.


Nr 1. SpinView has fully functional platform to work online with digital 360 degrees product presentations.

Nr 2. Car dealers cooperating with SpinView application are able to show personally customized cars to their customers on different devices including TV (even before a new car model is present in showroom).

Used technologies

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Piotr Imbierowicz

The Master of an idea. Young and hungry programmer, who always wanted to optimize things, even when no one expect it from him ;-) It was difficult to do it under someone else wings, so he decided to go on his own. Tough challenge, but what can he do? He doesn’t have a choice.

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