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Intro: SmartLunch is a catering company that sells meals through web and mobile applications. They also help employees to order meals easily and settle the bills with their employers.

Goal: Creation of scalable web and mobile applications that can be used by SmartLunch customers. The app has to be done within maximum 6 weeks for SmartLunch’s first big customer, Bombardier.


Step 1: in cooperation with the SmartLunch team we map all necessary processes on the side of employer, employee and system administrator

Step 2: we create the process tree for fully clickable app prototypes

Step 3: we develop the web and mobile apps and run final tests on them


No. 1 Thanks to the web app and its integration with peripherals (e.g. touchscreen monitors) SmartLunch can sell meals inside customers’ companies much faster and easier.

No. 2 Bombardier employees can easily order meals through touch screens or the mobile application. Moreover, the employer can settle accounts with their employees in a very comfortable way through the SmartLunch invoice system.

No. 3 Restaurateurs cooperating with SmartLunch have the new orders management platform, which makes their cooperation more comfortable and smooth.

Used technologies

What our client said

The Masters have knowledge and experience in more than Ruby on Rails

What surprised me the most was the fact that The Masters turned out to have knowledge not only about Ruby on Rails but also about Android, NFC and electronics. What’s more, they contributed to our project with their experience in startup app creation, influencing our business model. The spectrum of their startup knowledge & experience is quite impressive.

Project Details

Client: SmartLunch

Date: 29/10/2015


The application combines the requirements of three parties: employees (easily procure meals), the company (settle funding and generate reports), restaurants (composing menu and printing labels with the employees' names).
We created a full web application with all features and a limited version which only allows to order meals. We used NFC cards that employees were already equipped with and chose tablets with the client.

Challenge us!

Want to test our skills? We are ready and waiting.

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