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Info: BPC-Online offers an online system to electronic invoice validation in companies and to automatic project management.

Goal: a creation of a web application that enables offering the above mentioned services i.e. to create a project management system with electronic validation function that will fit to different types of organizations.


Step 1: we contact with real users and collect a feedback from them focusing on their needs identification

Step 2: we developed an electronic invoice validation algorithm to implement it into the web application

Step 3: we developed the project management application and integrated it with electronic invoice validation system


Nr 1. BPC-Online receives the web application that lets receive and validate invoices including the project managements system ( with Gantt charts, timelines, man-days converters etc.)

Nr 2. The application supports small and medium companies in many dimensions: from HR and cost management through the historical data analysis with charts data presentation to a successful project track record best practices view etc.

Used technologies

What our client said

The Masters is not just another software house

They not only helped me with turning my ideas into reality, but also contributed in system improvements. The decision to consider SaaS from the very beginning was really good. Now we can invite new customers without any effort. Merito is still in development and The Masters quickly implement changes.

Agnieszka Piątkowska, Akquinet
Project Details

Client: Akquinet Polska

Date: 23/10/2015


The work on Merito started in 2013. The project grew up from prototype to a large system. We proposed SaaS model tomanage accounts (no need to launch a new server for every client). We found it bull’s eye because now there are a dozen of them.
Project is technically well written and it can be developed further without limits, which is not so obvious with systems expanded by 1,5 years.

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