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Intro: GreenLetterBox is an Irish service that lets you collect all monthly invoices in one comfortable application.

Goal: a creation of graphic design for their web application developed in Symfony 2 and implementation of it in cooperation with GreenLetterBox team


Step 1: analysis and creation of typical GreenLetterBox app user profiles

Step 2: users segmentation into final users and invoice suppliers as well as identification of their needs

Step 3: creation of designs for all identified segments of users


Nr 1.  The new GreenLetterBox webpage and a web application graphics design (more than 30 views were created).

Nr 2. GreenBoxLetter is so satisfied with the final result that they ask us to prepare a graphic design for their mobile application as well.

Used technologies

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Piotr Imbierowicz

The Master of an idea. Young and hungry programmer, who always wanted to optimize things, even when no one expect it from him ;-) It was difficult to do it under someone else wings, so he decided to go on his own. Tough challenge, but what can he do? He doesn’t have a choice.

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