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Intro: GreenLetterBox is a service that lets you collect all monthly invoices in one comfortable application. After making the web app design with us, they ask also about a mobile app design.


Goal: a creation of new graphic design layout for an iOS and Android application. The creation deadline has the highest priority and can be exceeded on no account.


Step 1: we analyze usability and create mockups

Step 2: views are sent to the Irish customer and implemented into application in cooperation with their team

Step 3: we keep constant contact with GreenLetterBox due to the app integration deadline highest priority therefore we implement all feedback remarks in real-time


Nr 1. the new mobile application graphic layout with high UX

Nr 2. after reaching project goals the mobile app is ready to be completely integrated with a web service what occurs soon.

Challenge us!

Want to test our skills? We are ready and waiting.

Piotr Imbierowicz

The Master of an idea. Young and hungry programmer, who always wanted to optimize things, even when no one expect it from him ;-) It was difficult to do it under someone else wings, so he decided to go on his own. Tough challenge, but what can he do? He doesn’t have a choice.

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