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Intro: CarDoc is a company dealing with the acceleration of claims handling process in showrooms cooperating with companies like Opel/Chevrolets, Volvo or Citroen.

Goal: A creation of a web and mobile application that will accelerate the claims handling process simultaneously improving the customers and employees satisfaction level.


Step 1: we work with the Opel, Volvo and Citroen showrooms staff to identify and analyze challenges

Step 2: we create a map of necessary functionalities leading to the final view of Cardoc web and mobile application

Step 3: we build a clickable prototype, code and test it having in mind our top priority – apps usability


Nr 1. CarDoc receives the complete web and mobile application with several access levels ( for a manager, an employee or a customer) that offers numerous benefits to their customers.

Nr 2. The application gives showrooms the full control over the process of handling claims and employees reducing significantly the amount of paper work.

Nr 3. CarDoc and showrooms customers have 24/7 access to the application which gives them the possibility to monitor the whole car claim handling process

Used technologies

What our client said

I didn’t expect it could be done so fast with such impeccable quality

I didn’t think it could be done so quickly and well. The interface is clear and employees don’t need training at all. In addition, the application contains the elements I haven’t even thought of. Moreover, they kept us updated almost in real time about project progress which gave us a feeling of reassurance that we fully control the whole project.

Wojciech Tokarz, Cardoc
Project Details

Client: CarDoc

Date: 26/10/2014


Improvement of the claims handling process started by creating the application in which the individual damages are managed as tasks (including the subtasks). The role of the system is to identify and generate the necessary documents based on selected options.
We also created the mobile application that improves visual inspection and automatically sends the data to the system, without connecting the camera to a computer.

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