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Why Time & Materials contract type is better for your project?
Piotr Imbierowicz | 8 February

There is a lot of contract types, but in developers world, two of them are very popular – the one called time & materials and fixed price. Which one of them is the best way to work with remote software house? This was always a mystery and that question seems to be older than the first computer, so as The Masters we decided to finally give you the answer.

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5 reasons why you should choose a software house from Poland to develop web or mobile app
Piotr Imbierowicz | 2 December

Polish programmers kick ass, pardon my French. As a nation, we have many successes in international programming competitions and tournaments such as Google Code Jam, Facebook Hacker Cup and many more. That’s why you should consider hiring a Polish software house for your next project. Need more reasons? Here they come!

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How to choose a software house, part II: analyze the portfolio
Piotr Imbierowicz | 30 November

Last week we wrote about what you should take into consideration when visiting your potential future software house’s website. We specified four criteria you should take a closer look every time. Today we’ll use similar approach, but this time to analyze portfolios.

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How to choose a software house, part I: analyze the website
Piotr Imbierowicz | 17 November

So, the time has come. You need to hire a software house for your latest project. Let’s be honest. It’s tough. Especially when it’s the first time. It’s difficult to tell if your potential contractor is any good basing only on data available on their website. Luckily for you, we know what to look for.

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5 reasons why Ruby on Rails is the best technology for your web application
Piotr Imbierowicz | 28 October

From SoundCloud to Github. From Slideshare to Shopify. They all have one thing in common: Ruby on Rails framework. Want to know why globally renowned brands use it? Keep reading.

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Good application – do you know how to recognize it?
Kamil Dubel | 18 September

Being Software House owner means you get to know with a lot of applications. That’s why I am aware with trends and current technologies. It’s easy for me to judge whether specific application is good or it can be better. I know it doesn’t have to be that obvious to you. It’s normal. You work on your business, not on developing applications. That’s why I prepared this quick guide. Check out what a good application should be like.

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choosing a software house
5 questions you should ask before choosing a software house
Piotr Imbierowicz | 7 September

You have a great idea for an application or business improvement, but you need someone who will program it for you. There are plenty of companies on the market, and all of them promise mountains of gold. How to choose well and don’t be misled by the marketing tricks? Check out 5 questions you should ask to distinguish good software house from a bad one.

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