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4 reasons to build your app in Ionic
Ola Miszczyk | 12 April

Let’s start from the beginning. Ionic is a framework for developing highly interactive native and progressive web apps. It’s a

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How ADHD and dyslexia teach you better UX design
How ADHD and dyslexia teach you better UX design
Marta Bogacz | 25 August

ADHD and Dyslexia come with difficulties that most users experience, to a much smaller extent. So we believe every UX designer should know them.

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If you’re a developer, you need to do customer support
Marta Bogacz | 30 November

Customer support is no longer the number people call to waste their afternoon on listening to an underpaid consultant reading off a script. It’s where users come to help you build a better product – if you’re there to listen.

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How to improve UX of your website or application without asking users about anything
Piotr Imbierowicz | 13 December

All kind of improvements are things that I’m crazy about. Seeing better results after changes you made is really exiting. But how to know what needs to be changed, e.g. in the interface, for archieving better conversion rates? In this post I will show you my favourite tools that help me:

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Good application – do you know how to recognize it?
Kamil Dubel | 18 September

Being Software House owner means you get to know with a lot of applications. That’s why I am aware with trends and current technologies. It’s easy for me to judge whether specific application is good or it can be better. I know it doesn’t have to be that obvious to you. It’s normal. You work on your business, not on developing applications. That’s why I prepared this quick guide. Check out what a good application should be like.

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