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7 hottest tech events in autumn 2018
Michał Szehidewicz | 7 August

Summer is the season of holidays, it’s a time to relax and a chance to charge our batteries. Autumn, on

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6 lessons I have learned about PropTech
Ola Miszczyk | 26 July

Lesson 1: There is some big money in the game PropTech solves typical challenges related to the real estate industry

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Wanna make your app go viral? Here’s where to start from!
Ola Miszczyk | 3 July

Nowadays, we have access to an enormous number of mobile applications. Stores such as Google Play or Apple’s AppStore record

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How to save your budget for software development?
Michał Szehidewicz | 14 June

Today’s software development market is dominated by internet and mobile applications. The cost of building them is growing due to

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Top 5 communication tools for business
Przemek Urbaniak | 17 May

No professional software house or any other innovative business can go without a good communication tool. At The Masters, on

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How to prepare for an interview for a software developer
Kamil Dubel | 7 May

Are you preparing for your first dev job interview and you’re not sure what to expect? Or maybe the past

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Fighting fraud in travel-tech: challenges and solutions
Przemek Urbaniak | 29 March

The travel industry is growing, evolving and broadening its offerings while also significantly expanding its customer base. We are witnessing

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How to make code review smoother
Wojtek Ryrych | 14 February

In this article, I will answer the question of why code review helps you grow and how to get the

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How to boost the productivity of your dev team?
Ola Miszczyk | 8 February

A developer’s time doesn’t come cheap and this is why it’s good to implement the best practices in IT companies

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Remote collaboration – using sequence diagrams to communicate object-oriented design
Krzysztof Maicher | 1 February

What is the most convenient way of communicating a design idea to another developer? In my opinion – drawing it.

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