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How to prepare for an interview for a software developer
Kamil Dubel | 7 May

Are you preparing for your first dev job interview and you’re not sure what to expect? Or maybe the past

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Why coding is a women’s thing?
Ola Miszczyk | 1 March

More and more women choose a career in IT. The population of female software devs has been growing steadily year

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Edinburgh – worth visiting fastest growing tech hub
Michał Szehidewicz | 22 February

Home to one of the top coding science institutes in the world, the sixth oldest university on Earth and huge

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How to boost the productivity of your dev team?
Ola Miszczyk | 8 February

A developer’s time doesn’t come cheap and this is why it’s good to implement the best practices in IT companies

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What do developers want?
Marta Bogacz | 2 August

What makes software developers enjoy their job and feel like it helps them in achieving personal goals? Here’s what our programmers said.

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Why we invest in traveling to meet clients
Why we invest in traveling to meet people
Michał Szehidewicz | 3 February

We remember people better when we meet them in person. And remembering someone as a living human makes it easier to continue a working relationship with them.

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