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Slack vs. Hipchat – what is better for communication in your company?

When Slack exploded in 2014, most of its soon-to-be customers were still using email and post-its for internal communication. (And supposedly pagers, fax-modems and telegrams). HipChat was dominating the business chat market and ChatOps was a foreign and experimental concept – even though HipChat was already doing it.

How to choose a software house III – the ultimate test

Searching for a software house means a lot of work, but still less than building your own development team – it just takes a lot of careful research. And even after you’ve spent days going through portfolios and analyzing websites, you might still have doubts if the team that made a bunch of beautiful apps is actually the team that should build your app.

How to get featured on Product Hunt?

Product Hunt has became a necessary part of every product launch. With its community of tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, angel investors and tech journalists, you’d need a really good reason not to try put your product in front of that audience.

What’s wrong with your MVP

MVP is a very popular buzzword these days, similar to growth hacking or big data – startup owners are talking about building MVPs all the time, but to be honest, most of them don’t know what it really means. A good MVP is the first step to success, a right way to verify your ideas at low cost and to find out what your customers really expect.

How to avoid startup failure?

During our work, we have a chance to talk with many startup owners from many different industries. Thanks to these small talks, we were able to discover a few universal rules that make the startups fails. One of our most important values is to share our knowledge…so here you go – 6 reasons how to avoid startup failure by The Masters.

Why are startups still using Ruby on Rails?

“Startup” is a very trendy word these days – almost each small company is called a startup (but, of course, we know that there is no reason for this). Many of those companies are working in IT environment or using modern technology, and a lot of them are using Ruby on rails framework. What is behind the popularity of RoR? And why Ruby on Rails is not dying?

Working with a remote software house – communication is the key to success

In the first sight, it is hard to give your software project to the company located in the other part of the world. There is a lot of possible problems with that case. For example – how can you manage the project, time zone will make the whole process longer etc. But hey, it’s XXI century and you can solve them all with modern technology. Want to know how? Read more!

Why Time & Materials contract type is better for your project?

There is a lot of contract types, but in developers world, two of them are very popular – the one called time & materials and fixed price. Which one of them is the best way to work with remote software house? This was always a mystery and that question seems to be older than the first computer, so as The Masters we decided to finally give you the answer.

How to improve UX of your website or application without asking users about anything

All kind of improvements are things that I’m crazy about. Seeing better results after changes you made is really exiting. But how to know what needs to be changed, e.g. in the interface, for archieving better conversion rates? In this post I will show you my favourite tools that help me:

5 reasons why you should choose a software house from Poland to develop web or mobile app

Polish programmers kick ass, pardon my French. As a nation, we have many successes in international programming competitions and tournaments such as Google Code Jam, Facebook Hacker Cup and many more. That’s why you should consider hiring a Polish software house for your next project. Need more reasons? Here they come!

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