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Effective collaboration with a software house – after signing the contract

In my last post, I revealed some helpful tips on how to start a successful and productive collaboration with a software house. Adding to that, I also mentioned what is

How to plan an effective collaboration with a software house?

How do you start a successful and productive collaboration with a software house? What do you need to know before contacting a development agency? We have listed some helpful information

Why London based companies love to work with us

A high business culture, respectful approach and professionalism – these are some of the key features of companies from the UK’s capital. We simply love cooperating with them and using

Cyber Security Trends in 2018

The biggest companies collectively spend billions of dollars on cyberdefenses each year, but hackers still keep defeating them. Year by year, month by month cyber hackers are improving their tactics

Does the future of medicine lie within software?

The development of Medtech applications is one of the fastest growing fields of IT business activity. See interesting case study.

How to lose your developer, in 8 easy steps

It’s hard to enjoy your fulfillment and professional satisfaction when you have to deal with annoying nonsense at work. We asked our developers what annoys them the most in their job.

Why teachers need technology

We have known for decades that lectures are a bad way to teach. But until recently, we didn’t have a better way. Until EdTech.

How ADHD and dyslexia teach you better UX design

ADHD and Dyslexia come with difficulties that most users experience, to a much smaller extent. So we believe every UX designer should know them.

What do developers want?

What makes software developers enjoy their job and feel like it helps them in achieving personal goals? Here’s what our programmers said.

Why would you want to do business in Dublin?

Thanks to ridiculous tax and legal incentives, Dublin has become the favorite destination for multinational tech giants. It will also become the next EU startup central, attracting the attention of key players like

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