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How to save your budget for software development?

Today’s software development market is dominated by internet and mobile applications. The cost of building them is growing due to the fact that new technologies are constantly emerging and the

PropTech – a revolution in Real Estate

Year by year, we observe how technology is revolutionizing new areas of life, giving us new possibilities and making things easier. People change their habits within a short space of

Top 5 communication tools for business

No professional software house or any other innovative business can go without a good communication tool. At The Masters, on a daily basis we talk with our potential clients based

How to prepare for an interview for a software developer

Are you preparing for your first dev job interview and you’re not sure what to expect? Or maybe the past interviews didn’t go very well and some of the questions

4 reasons to build your app in Ionic

Let’s start from the beginning. Ionic is a framework for developing highly interactive native and progressive web apps. It’s a free and open source hybrid framework with a huge community

Fighting fraud in travel-tech: challenges and solutions

The travel industry is growing, evolving and broadening its offerings while also significantly expanding its customer base. We are witnessing a remarkable rise in online travel agencies, a rapid growth

Education of future generations

Technology and education together are changing global learning. An enormous progress in mobile devices makes the EdTech sector enter a new era – learning through mobile. It’s the right time

How technology entered the travel sector – luxurious hotels and what you can expect to see there

The way we travel is continuously evolving and always has been. From the early explorers with their maps and compasses to today’s adventurous folks armed with their smartphones. The influence

Why coding is a women’s thing?

More and more women choose a career in IT. The population of female software devs has been growing steadily year by year, but they are still a minority in the

Edinburgh – worth visiting fastest growing tech hub

Home to one of the top coding science institutes in the world, the sixth oldest university on Earth and huge government-backed support for growing businesses – everything based in the

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