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Wanna make your app go viral? Here’s where to start from!
Ola Miszczyk | 3 July

Nowadays, we have access to an enormous number of mobile applications. Stores such as Google Play or Apple’s AppStore record

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PropTech – a revolution in Real Estate
Ola Miszczyk | 7 June

Year by year, we observe how technology is revolutionizing new areas of life, giving us new possibilities and making things

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4 reasons to build your app in Ionic
Ola Miszczyk | 12 April

Let’s start from the beginning. Ionic is a framework for developing highly interactive native and progressive web apps. It’s a

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Education of future generations
Ola Miszczyk | 22 March

Technology and education together are changing global learning. An enormous progress in mobile devices makes the EdTech sector enter a

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How technology entered the travel sector – luxurious hotels and what you can expect to see there
Ola Miszczyk | 8 March

The way we travel is continuously evolving and always has been. From the early explorers with their maps and compasses

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Why coding is a women’s thing?
Ola Miszczyk | 1 March

More and more women choose a career in IT. The population of female software devs has been growing steadily year

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How to boost the productivity of your dev team?
Ola Miszczyk | 8 February

A developer’s time doesn’t come cheap and this is why it’s good to implement the best practices in IT companies

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