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You came up with an idea for a web application or you need a state-of-the-art software to take your business to the next level. We will help you achieve your goals using Ruby on Rails, AngularJS and our brilliant minds.

Process and transparency

You know exactly who works on your project. You can talk to them directly on Slack. You have access to the Project Management system (Jira), the staging version and code repository, 24h/7.

Quality assurance

Our code is always carefully tested by professional testers and a Q&A software. We make sure that your app is bug free after each stage of the development process. When the project is delivered you’re getting a guarantee on its quality.

We follow the rules of the agile methodology to make sure that you have full control and insight into your project. Each of our clients is getting an unlimited access to Slack, Jira and a code repo, which makes them feel like they’re sitting right next to our devs.

The Masters is not just another software house

They not only helped me with turning my ideas into reality, but also contributed in system improvements. The decision to consider SaaS from the very beginning was really good. Now we can invite new customers without any effort. Merito is still in development and The Masters quickly implement changes.

Agnieszka Piątkowska, Akquinet

The Masters have knowledge and experience in more than Ruby on Rails

What surprised me the most was the fact that The Masters turned out to have knowledge not only about Ruby on Rails but also about Android, NFC and electronics. What’s more, they contributed to our project with their experience in startup app creation, influencing our business model. The spectrum of their startup knowledge & experience is quite impressive.


I didn’t expect it could be done so fast with such impeccable quality

I didn’t think it could be done so quickly and well. The interface is clear and employees don’t need training at all. In addition, the application contains the elements I haven’t even thought of. Moreover, they kept us updated almost in real time about project progress which gave us a feeling of reassurance that we fully control the whole project.

Wojciech Tokarz, Cardoc

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We will turn your ideas into cutting-edge software

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